Architecturally Distinctive

Vulcan Radiator's Commercial Panel Radiators combine the superiority of radiant heating with graceful architectural design. These sleek, stunning panels are popular in Europe as well as in prestigious commercial applications throughout North America. They can be used as a primary heating system or to supplement traditional heating. 

Energy Efficient
Flat radiating surfaces reduce energy consumption by providing high comfort levels at low thermostat settings. 

Decorator Designed Styles
Available in base-perimeter horizontal flat tube design with either wall or pedestal mounting or vertical flat tube for either wall or ceiling mounting. All of the panel radiator models are designed to complement traditional or contemporary decor. 

Space Saving
Single header radiator panels are only 2-3/4 inches wide and project only 2-1/8 inches from the wall. They are designed not to interfere with the placement of furniture or window treatments.

Rugged heavy-gauge, all welded-steel construction ensures long service life under the most demanding commercial conditions.  

Vulcan Panel Radiators provide a comfortable blanket of radiant warmth. A typical installation of panel radiators offers a system that operates quietly and gently warms the occupants with the radiant effect provided by the flat tube panel radiator design. 

Protective Finish
Commercial Panel Radiators are powder-coated to provide an attractive finish that resists scuffs, scratches and marring.

Vulcan Panel Radiators are suitable for individual room heating loads or can be integrated with other hydronic heating equipment in the room. Vulcan manufactures panel radiators from 20" to 15-0' long in 2" increments. The BTU outputs per foot span from a mere 100 to an incredible 4900. Depending on the models chosen, these panel radiators can provide heat for a myriad of required room heat loads.

The narrow panel design allows them to be integrated into any interior design giving the Architect a full range of freedom to provide the client exactly what they want. The panel radiator models work with any décor and can be used to make any kind of statement, from subdued to bright and bold. They can be installed low and continuous below windows or segmented for bay windows. To maximize space savings, they can also be mounted on ceilings or vertical on walls with tall, narrow panels. Vulcan Panel Radiators are available in seven standard finishes and over 100 architectural colors.