Custom baseboard enclosure

Finned tube baseboard radiation

Fin-tube enclosure

Custom Finned-Tube Heating Enclosures

At Vulcan today, our unique ideas are keeping us at the forefront of custom design finned-tube heating enclosures.

Vulcan custom designers and engineers work hand in hand to create imaginative fin-tube enclosures of every kind: curved, modular, recessed, wall mounted, combination wall-floor mounted, floor and sill mounted. The enclosures are compatible with a variety of mechanical equipment such as induction units, fan-coil units, finned-tube hydronic radiation or electric architectural heaters.

The beauty of Vulcan customized enclosures is that you not only get unique design features to enhance an architect's concept, but you also enjoy heating units engineered to your exact building requirements.

Special features can be incorporated into the enclosure such as Venetian blind tracks, openings for electric outlets and more. The variety of grille openings is extensive--straight, flared, angled, mini-vaned and more.