Classic Architecturally Styled Fin-Tube Enclosures


Enclosures for fin tube radiators

Classic architecturally styled fin-tube enclosures offer a standard of excellence unmatched in the industry. The clean, crisp classic look and streamlined anodized aluminum grille help make Classic the ideal choice for modern office buildings, banks, executive offices, luxury hotels wherever fin-tube enclosures are intended to enhance a building's interior statement.

Standard Classic fin-tube enclosures, with internally telescoping accessories for dramatic shadow effect, offer architects and engineers uninhibited design opportunities.

"J" style Classic fin-tube enclosures provide an interlocking, slip-jointed construction that incorporates overlapping accessories to facilitate layout adjustments for variations of final building construction.


All of Vulcan's commercial hydronic products are made from recycled materials. Material recycled contents can be obtained from your local Vulcan representative. Vulcan is a participating member in the United States Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (USGBC-LEEDS).

Design Advantage

Standard Classic Architectural Fin-Tube Enclosures

Classic Architecturally Styled Enclosures

"J" Classic Slip-Jointed Architectural Fin-Tube Enclosures

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