Raytheon Building - Marlboro, MA

In 1926, John H. Ehn invested in a newly formed business holding several patents covering a new method of heat transfer - finned-tube radiation. Mr. Ehn's experiments with heating railroad cars showed that a single row of finned-tube radiation produced the same heat output as eight rows of old-fashioned bare steam pipe. As a result, 95% of all railroad cars in America were heated with Vulcan finned-tube radiation. Building on its success heating World War II era barracks and factories, the company revolutionized commercial and residential heating.

Acquired by Mestek in 1984, Vulcan today manufactures standard and custom finned-tube enclosures for the architectural market, and vandal resistant security hydronic and electric heaters for prisons, schools, industrial plants, and other high abuse installations. Vulcan's custom enclosures are highly popular with the architectural community.

Vulcan is recognized as the leader and pioneer in the field of hydronic and electric radiation. Through its staff of research and engineering, Vulcan keeps abreast of industry requirements. The company offers a wide selection of elements and enclosure for every application. The Vulcan name that has become a standard in the industry for quality and effective results, both in installation and dependable heating performance.